Fire Alarms

At Fredriksen Fire, we recognize and understand your need to have not only a professionally designed and installed fire alarm system that meets state and local requirements (as well as National Fire Protection Association standards), but also for ongoing support and service as well. We satisfy this need through our two-tiered approach:

Design and Installation

All of our fire alarm systems meet the following criteria regardless of size:
  • Alarm system design and engineering that meets National Fire Protection Association standards, state requirements, and local codes
  • Fire alarm submittal package provided to the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ), typically the local Fire Prevention Bureau, for review, acceptance, and permitting
  • Installation and programming
  • Functional test of all components of alarm system and certification
  • Full acceptance test as required by the AHJ
  • Training and instruction on use and operation.
Service and Inspection

Our factory-trained technicians have decades of experience servicing and troubleshooting all types of fire alarm systems. Your annual fire alarm inspection program will include:
  • Full functional tests of your Fire Alarm Control Panel, Remote Annunicator, and Auxiliary Power Supply on AC power and battery back-up
  • Verification of communication with the Dispatch Center, and assurance that alarm, trouble, and supervisory signals are being received properly
  • Activation of input devices (smoke detectors; heat detectors, duct detectors, pull stations; monitor points, waterflow switches, tamper switches, kitchen fire suppression systems, door releases, fan shutdowns, and elevator recall and shunt trips) and confirmation that the locations and/or addresses are correct and clearly labeled at the Fire Alarm Control Panel
  • Cleaning and testing of all accessible input devices
  • Activation and verification of the proper operation of all notification devices (horn/strobes, bells, strobe lights, zone indication, and auxiliary control functions)
At Fredriksen Fire, we believe in the principle of giving you “added value” for your life safety dollar. For example, in reference to the device list shown above, waterflow and tamper switches are part of your fire sprinkler system, and kitchen systems are pre-engineered fire suppression systems. Both of these require separate inspections to ensure proper operation. As a full-service fire equipment company, we provide you the added benefit and peace of mind that all of your fire and life safety protection needs are addressed by simply making one phone call to Fredriksen Fire. We can coordinate the inspections of the fire alarm system, fire sprinkler system and restaurant or commercial kitchen fire suppression system at the same time, which can translate into a significant savings as opposed to having each system inspected separately.

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